March 8 2013 Zombie Dust An unlikely name for a beer. I had one last night and snapped these pictures of the label with my cell phone camera. Here's an excerpt from a February 2012 Chicago Tribune article A contagion called Zombie Dust Fever is roaring through craft beer circles — and no cure is in sight. The background: After a monthslong hiatus, Three Floyds Brewing got its hands on some citra hops, the key ingredient in its well-hopped and even more-loved Zombie Dust pale ale. When the brewery announced a couple of weeks ago that it would be selling cases for $35 apiece, thousands of beer lovers flocked to Three Floyds' office park in Munster, Ind. Then thousands more came. Even brewery staff was dumbfounded. Even if it's not quite the beery messiah the masses might make you believe, Zombie Dust is well worth seeking out. This pale ale explodes on the palate like few others, merging a strong hop backbone with a lush verdancy bordering on tropically fruity (think hints of peach, mango and grapefruit). You can drive to the brewery in Munster Indiana on Tuesday to buy this stuff; they sell all that they have every Tuesday. Or, now, you can get your name on the list at a local liquor store and they will call you on Friday. You have an hour to come in an pick up a case. If you're high enough on the list and they get enough. - Art's Galleries
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